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Things to Do


The best way to spend your holiday is to relax and laze by the infinity pool and sipping your favorite cocktail but if you want more...the island is blessed with plenty of things to do for the adventurer in you

Countryside Tours

Explore the beautiful countryside of Bohol, begin at the Blood Compact Shrine beside the hotel and the site of the first treaty between Europeans and Asians, then drop by centuries old churches displaying Hispanic influence, enjoy a sumptuous lunch while on a river cruise, explore the natural wonder called Chocolate Hills, say hello to the smallest primates on the planet called Tarsiers and much more.

Active Tours

For a different experience, take stand-up paddle board tours along tranquil rivers or kayak along the coast. For an adrenaline rush and zoom through ziplines. At night, experience the night sky light up with thousands of fireflies. Jog or walk along the causeway to Dauis Church and enjoy a brew at Cafe Lawis or head to Baclayon Town to get a glimpse of Baclayon Church and enjoy street food at the port. Feel the wind in your hair, rent our Vespas to go wherever your heart desires. 

Island Hopping

Cruise beautiful turquoise seas and watch dolphins and whales frolicking along, explore fishing villages and bask in white sand beaches of a tropical island, snorkel in corral gardens or dive in one of the most beautiful dive spots in the world and enjoy a picnic of fresh seafood prepared by locals at the beach.

Just Stay In

Sit back and relax in the pool lobby and catch up on some reading. Chill out and lounge by the pool with your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset. Or have a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own room while our masseuse takes you to dreamland. 

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